Writing a personal statement

Writing a personal statement is a task that provokes lots of question in a student’s mind. In most cases students find it very difficult to put together their ideas to come up with excellent personal statements. Writing a personal statement must be done when one has a clear state of mind. Students must be in a position to express to the admissions committee all about themselves. Your personal statement must always make a statement about an applicant. HDCr helps many prospective students to get admissions from institutions of their desire. Our team of writers is experienced and well-trained. They understand just what to address when writing your personal statement.

When writing personal statements, we take care of details that are relevant and important details that improve the chances of our clients. HDCr has a few golden rules that each of professional writers follow. These rules are followed to ensure that each of the personal statements is outstanding. The golden rules of personal statement at HDCr are:

  • Answer specific questions.
  • Have a hook for your personal statement.
  • Tell your story.
  • Write well and accurately.

Answer Specific Questions

For many years now, students have lost many chances of joining educational institutions because of very small mistakes. Although many students already have a clear angle of how to best their story in personal statements, they need to realize that failing to address the concerns highlighted by the institutions will deny them the chance of being admitted. At HDCr, we understand the need for following instructions provided by institutions. Our writers are always keen to answer the specific questions that are stated by the admissions boards of schools when writing your personal statement.

Have a Hook

Writing your personal statement can be stressful especially when you cannot match the expectations of an admission board. Although a personal statement must be written using a formal style, a writer must be able to write in a way that appeals to the readers. HDCr has writers who besides being qualified have the ability to write in an interesting way. Since we started offering our writing services, we have managed to provide students with winning personal statements. We treat each personal statement differently and use the most relevant writing style to bring out the story of our client in the best way possible.

Tell Your Story

Telling ones story verbally is a very easy task! Everybody can do that. However that is not the same in writing. Personal statements require one to tell their story. If you cannot tell your story, it will be extremely difficult to put together an excellent personal statementHDCr has writers who have the wits and style necessary for writing personal statements. We tell an applicants story in the best way to guarantee them a space in the institutions of their choice.

Write Well and Accurately

Apart from having the style and wits, a writer must be in a position to write accurately and well. Because the success of our business highly depends on the outcome of our services, we work extra hard to ensure that each personal statement we do is competitive. HDCr writers always write accurately to ensure that our clients get an advantage over all other applicants.

Our services are of high quality and have a touch of class. Personal statements written by HDCr are always made to fit each of our client’s needs.

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