Review is one of the best and leading companies with a large network of independent professional resume writers from all careers and disciplines. The company hire these professionals in accordance with the standards of Professional Association of Resume Writers. As the network of these professional resume writers is huge, you will get a writer from your own professional domain. For e.g. if you are a sales person, then they will try to assign a writer who has a sales background. This approach remains the same with all professions and makes this program unique and one of the best available professional resume writing service.

ResumeWritingServicesRatings have reviewed on the following grounds:

  • Standards Followed
  • Services Offered
  • Process and Turnaround Time
  • Company Guarantees
  • Our Own Experience
  • Customer Satisfaction & Quality of Work

Standards Followed follow the Better Business Bureaus (BBB) accreditation standards and has been meeting them since 6/4/2010. They have managed to retain an excellent rating of A+ with Better Business Bureaus (BBB), which means they are highly professional and do care about their reputation.

Services Offered offers a variety of services or resumes to its customers based on their requirements. Let’s review these services or types of resumes in brief one by one.

Professional Resumes

Their professional resume writing service is good for professionals in any industry with more than 2 years of experience.

Executive Resumes

Executive resume services are specifically designed for executives, managers, corporate officers, administrators, supervisors, doctors, lawyers including higher management executives. Executive resumes are different in nature and must be written sophisticatedly to not only showcase your skills but also the quantifiable accomplishments and achievements effectively.

That is why, the executive resumes are assigned to their most experienced and professional resume writers who are extremely talented in writing these kind of resumes.

IT Resumes

This service is best suited for people who are into information technology domain. You must choose this package if you are looking for a resume for Information Technology (IT), Technology, Computers and Networking profession.

Student and Graduate Resumes

This service has been designed for students, fresher’s and professional with less than 2 years of experience. As we all know that this is the most difficult period in life because students and recent graduates do not have any professional experience and companies typically prefer people with at least some experience in the respective field.

Here, a professionally written resume highlighting your core strengths and competencies can really take you to the interview table and help you succeed.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Services

Unlike a standard resume which showcases a brief of your skills, experience and education, Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a lot more detailed synopsis of educational and academic background, awards, honors, affiliations, research experience, publications, or any other details.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) service is best suited for people who are into legal, dental, academic, scientific or research professional or medical profession.

Military Resumes

This service has been designed for all military people who are looking for a transition from military to civil sector. This is a fact that military profession is completely different than any civilian career. Due to this fact, it is really required to write a resume in such a way that it can translate your military skill sets and experiences into civil terminology. will assign a professional resume writer for you from military transition background.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

If you are into professional social networking and use LinkedIn platform for building professional relationships than you must be aware that a professionally written profile can do wonders for you. have designed this service so that you can have a professional online presence and build your network using professional social networking.

Process and Turnaround time

The process of getting your resume written is pretty simple and straight forward. Whether you are a student, recent graduate or a highly respected business executive, the process remains same for everyone. Please remember, we are talking here about the process and not the packages. Packages will differ from service to service.

  1. Once you order your package on, you will be sent your user ID and Password via your registered e-mail address.
  2. Once you login to your account, you need to send your details to and this can be done in two simple ways. First, you can simply send them your existing resume/CV in MS Word or PDF format. Second, you can fill and submit their specially designed career information worksheet (recommended).
  3. Once you send the above information, they will find and assign a professional resume writer to you. You will be provided the direct contact details of your personally assigned writer, which means you have the freedom to contact him/her as and when you need to.
  4. After the assignment is done, the writer will contact directly and work with you one-to-one to develop your resume.
  5. You will get your resume developed in 24/72 hours (based on the package ordered) of ordering the service. Please remember that if you need the writer to make changes to the newly developed resume, it will be done without any questions asked.
  6. The last step is to submit your resume to employers and wait for the interview calls.

Company Guarantees do provide a satisfaction guarantee which includes receiving interview calls after your resume is developed and submitted. Their current customer satisfaction rate is 99.99% which is marvelous.

If you do not get a job interview within 60 days and not satisfied with the developed resume, you will be entitled for an absolutely free rewrite. You just need to e-mail them with your order number stating that you did not receive any interview calls and they will rewrite your resume for free.

Important fact about guarantees: No rewrites are given before 60 days after order completion. No rewrites are given beyond 90 days after order completion.

Our Own Experience with Resume Writers

We contacted to write a business executive resume for one of our team member and we were very happy with the end results. We used their specially designed career information worksheet to provide information and our team member worked really close to the assigned resume writer. The good part about this assignment was that the assigned writer was also from business background which made it easier for us to get quality stuff.

Overall, the content and quality of the resume was up to the mark and very satisfying. The turnaround time was also as described by them in their package. We received the newly developed resume within 48 hours. We highly recommend our readers to use their services if they are looking for professionally written resume.

Key take away: When you work with the assigned writer, you need to be as expressive as possible. That is the key to get a quality resume from them.

Customer Satisfaction and Quality of Work maintains 99.99% customer satisfaction rate which is absolutely fantastic. They are really professional and make sure that their customer get what they deserve. This also proves that they are strictly following Better Business Bureaus (BBB) accreditation standards and that is why their rating is also pretty high there.

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